Solabloc SA supply the highest grade
tinting films to the Automotive &
Commercial Building Industry

Come to us for all your window tinting sales and installation requirements in Adelaide

car tinting



Your car will be tinted by trained and experienced installers who will treat you car like it was there own!
• Reduce heat
• Reduce glare
• Offer UV protection on side and rear windows
• Achieve a fantastic looking vehicle
commercial glass



Our head office branch has a range of automotive and flat glass window films that can be purchased in full or partial rolls. Contact Darren for all your film supply needs.

Contact us today to speak with experts about your window tinting requirements

An example of our home window tinting in Adelaide

Energy Saving Enerlogic


Applying certain types of window tinting films to your home or business is an economic way to:
• Reduce heat
• Reduce glare
• Reduce fading of curtains and soft furnishings
• Reduce energy usage
• Improve personal comfort levels
• Energy efficient
• WERS- Window Energy Rating Scheme star rating certified films

The suns rays can be extremely harsh to a homes interior over time. Contact us today for more or information on how to protect yourself and your house with our home window tinting in Adelaide.

We are an Adelaide owned family business that collectively has over 50 years of window tinting experience between our 3 main window film installers.

We can give you expert advice and assist to get the best results for your tinting requirements.

Thank you for taking the time to visit the Solabloc SA web pages. Throughout this site you will find interesting and informative facts about our products and window tinting in general. The time you invest here will help you understand the different types of film that are available and how they work. There are probably more applications than you ever dreamt possible!


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