Solabloc SA supply the highest grade
tinting films to the Automotive &
Commercial Building Industry

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Automotive Tinting

Car Window Tinting in the Adelaide Area


A cost effective way to enhance your car's appearance

Solabloc SA's product range includes exciting and high quality automotive films to suit any vehicle. The variety of colours and shades enables you to choose film that suits your requirement and makes a stylish and unique statement about you and your vehicle.

Car window tinting helps keep your occupants cool and protected against harmful UV rays, and splintering glass in the case of accidental breakage. All window tinting films are protected by a scratch-resistant coating to minimize damage by sharp objects or abrasion from perished window seals etc.

Our range includes:

  • Budget conscious versions that filter the light, giving a dark appearance and reduce glare but not heat.
  • Hybrid films that are dark and include metals to reject the sun’s energy.
  • Fully metallised films for maximum sun-stopping power.
  • Nano-technology films for high heat rejection without the signal-stopping properties of metallised films.
  • Automotive safety films for maximum protection of occupants from UV, glare and glass-smashing threats. Ideal for protecting your family employees from external threats and UV exposure.

Reasons to protect your car:

As well as enhancing your cars overall appearance, tinting your car windows has the following features & benefits:

  • Cooling  - Car window tinting reduces heat entering the vehicle, making it more comfortable for occupants reducing air-conditioner loads.
  • Glare reduction and safety  - makes it easier to see other road users and obstacles in bright sunlight conditions.
  • Personal safety  - Strengthens glass and holds it together once broken deterring thieves and shielding occupants.
  • Privacy  - makes it harder of other motorists and thieves to see what you have in your car, eg electronics, business tools, shopping etc.
  • Protection - Car window tinting in Adelaide protects your vehicle's interior from fading due to UV.
  • Health  - most side glass of cars does not stop UV. Car window tinting film stops up to 99% of cancer causing UV from hitting your skin.

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